DirecTV Installers Needed

We are looking for Satellite Technicians.
($1000-$1400) WEEKLY
If you have a late model TRUCK, VAN, OR SUV THE Cable Experts wants you!
Only Experienced Technicians Needed.
If you can meet ALL of these requirements Below Please call us to setup an interview.
1. Can you pass a Background check, Drivers License verification and drug screening?
2. Do you have your own vehicle (Truck ,Van, or Suv), have current auto insurance, have a 28 ft ladder, have hand tools, and a Smartphone?
3. Do you have enough experience to fix Service calls ,Complete upgrades and New Installs?
Some tools and items above can be provided , First-come, first-served
The process can take approximately 1 to 2 weeks to get your badge and start working.
How does a 5 DAY work week sound? OR
You have the choice of working all 7 days a week!!!
This job does require you to work approximately 40-60 hours a week.

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.